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Malaysia’s Community Care Restaurants

KFCSocial ImpactKay L.June 08, 2021

One of our core cultural principles – Believe in All People – is built on the importance of actively seeking diversity, believing everyone has the potential to make a difference and coaching and supporting every individual to grow to their full capacity. Believing in all people, we take great pride in creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


In Malaysia, our team there has been employing people with disabilities since 1982. Our first dedicated restaurant for people with disabilities, specifically hiring hearing impaired employees, was opened in 1986. Since that time, we have opened three restaurants in Malaysia, our “Community Care Restaurants,” that are specially dedicated to hiring people with disabilities. Additionally, there are 74 more additional KFC restaurants around the country that also hire people with disabilities.

community cares1

As part of this initiative, KFC Malaysia is committed to making the work environment in our restaurants inclusive and disability-friendly. The restaurants use alternative approaches to communication for their team members in these restaurants such as making use of lighting signals, sign language, and other special back of house features. Additionally, team members wear “proud to serve” badges and signage notifies customers that the restaurant is being operated by a hearing-impaired staff. This ensures a great experience not only for the customers but for the team members as well.

Check out the below video to learn more about these restaurants and see them in action!

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