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Celebrating Progress, Spurring Passion: 2022 Yum! Brands Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report

KFCSocial ImpactKFCJuly 13, 2023
Celebrating Progress Spurring Passion 2022 Yum Brands Global Citizenship Sustainability Report

The launch of the latest Yum! Brands Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report marks the important progress KFC has made against our goals and reignites our commitment to continue doing things the right way. 

Throughout the 2022 report, we share how KFC has continued making investments to our three brand impact pillars: People and Communities, Chicken and Nutrition, and Suppliers and Climate.

As the fastest growing QSR brand in the world, it’s more important than ever that we grow with purpose. Here are 5 KFC takeaways from the report:

  1. Growing sustainably. Our global Building Green Standards and 11 Must-Haves continue guiding our restaurant development and how we innovate KFC openings, remodels and business operations. Solar power generation can now be found across corporate and franchise-owned KFC restaurants on every continent where our brand operates. 

  2. Building skills, creating opportunities. KFC is feeding people’s potential by equipping underrepresented groups with life and technical skills, enabling them to more confidently seek and land new opportunities. In partnership with local non-profit partners, KFC markets including UK&I, Germany, Thailand and France are making meaningful differences in the lives of individuals and their families. 

  3. Empowering women. KFC’s Next Generation of Women (NOW) Program, which launched in 2022 to accelerate women’s professional development and retention through executive coaching and mentorship, has been so successful that it is being rolled out to our sister brands. 

  4. Striking a balance. All throughout the year, we’ll be testing a delivery channel hypothesis that may help KFC consumers in the UK&I choose more balanced menu items.

  5. Working together. KFC is engaging our poultry suppliers on sustainability programs, including soy sourcing strategy. We released our first soy report for the UK&I market and a report for all Western Europe markets is in the works for 2023. 

Read the report to learn more about our commitment to growing in a way that is inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible: www.yum.com/citizenship

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