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Here Comes the Sun: KFC Philippines Installs Solar Panels on 64th Restaurant

KFCSocial ImpactKFCAugust 23, 2023
Solar panels

KFC Philippines is makin’ chicken while the sun shines. And lots of it. 

In fact, their newest restaurant includes rooftop solar panels. Score one for finger lickin’ good deliciousness — and one for the planet. Actually, that’s 64. And the goal is 80 restaurants with active solar panels by the end of 2023.  

Depending on restaurant roof specs and operating hours, the high-tech photovoltaic (PV) system can supply up to 20 percent of power requirements. 

What’s more, they are also planning to install solar panels on the adjacent parking lots of 22 KFC restaurants to provide additional electricity savings for those locations that have existing PV systems.  

And that’s not all . . . this is not KFC Philippines’ first effort to build with purpose and reduce its footprint. 

“Aside from ramping up our solar panel project, we also pioneered the use of e-bikes for delivery in several branches while also shifting to more sustainable packaging,” said KFC Philippines General Manager, Maria Judith Marcelo. 

Kudos and congrats to KFC Philippines — committed to their journey of sustainable growth and serving as a good steward of the environment. The best recipe for success.

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