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KFC UK&I is Voting for a Better Planet

KFCSocial ImpactKFCAugust 05, 2023
KFC litter 2

“I’ve only had two rules,” the Colonel once said. “Do all you can and do it the best you can.” He always walked that talk, and at KFC, we still are. In fact, our innovative UK & Ireland team is setting the pace. 

They are putting KFC’s Done the Right Way mindset into action in a creative, new way. It’s called #PickYourSide and involves “Big Ballot Bins.” These unusual voting machines invite pedestrians on the streets of Southampton and Manchester to weigh in on society’s most pressing issues and help the environment along the way. Well, to tell the truth, the questions are not that pressing — more about engaging than electing. Cheeky not challenging. That’s the fun part —like:

Beatles vs. Rolling Stones? 

Manchester United vs. Liverpool? 

Barbie vs. Oppenheimer?

You get the idea.

And even more of a surprise, this ballot bin is a garbage can, so voters cast their ballots with — you guessed it — trash. But these bins are super cool. Designed by Hubbub, a company that helps charitable causes attract supporters, the #PickYourSide campaign uses high-tech solar-powered bins to encourage people of all types to throw away their garbage . . . before it becomes litter. These special bins even display vote totals in real time, and Ellipsis Earth, another tech firm, is using AI to analyze the litter levels in the neighborhoods surrounding the bins. Pretty slick!

KFC litter 3

What a successful collaboration — KFC, the City Councils of Southampton and Manchester, Hubbub, Ellipsis Earth and the community at large. They’ve all come together to help reduce the impact on our planet. And it almost couldn’t be easier. At KFC, we might be known for our signature red stripes, but we are getting greener all the time. 

Following the eight-week pilot, the data gathered will help us assess the overall impact of the effort. If successful,  we’ll consider expanding to other urban areas struggling with the growing trash problem. 

Also, maybe we can use the bins to solve another age-old dilemma — original recipe vs. extra crispy. The debate continues. Stay tuned . . .

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