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Celebrating 1000 in Thailand

KFCOur PeopleJanuary 12, 2023

We recently celebrated the opening of our 1000th restaurant in Thailand and couldn’t be prouder of our Franchise partners and KFC team. To reach this milestone, it has taken a significant amount of effort, intentionality and belief in the power of our brand.

Celebrating 1000 in Thailand Hero

To mark this incredible milestone, we hosted a celebratory event joined by all of our KFC partners topped off by the launch announcement of “1,000 reasons to grow,” through which Yum! will provide 1,000 scholarships to deserving team members and their families. This inside-out approach is the official kick off of the Bucket Search programme where KFC Thailand will be unleashing peoples’ potential by supporting school dropouts through scholarships for deserving candidates. Since 1984, KFC Thailand has built some of the most iconic KFC restaurants in the world to become part and parcel of the fabric of Thai society. Consumer preferences have undeniably changed significantly since we built our first restaurant and in line with staying ahead of the competition, the KFC Thailand business is focused on digital acceleration both in and out of restaurant. As we focus on the next set of restaurants, the KFC Thailand team is putting emphasis on leveraging the benefits of digital technologies, with a view to consistently creating new channels for connecting, and new ways to deliver consumer satisfaction, and ultimately digitizing each and every transaction in our restaurants. KFC’s heritage in Thailand is undeniable as one of the country’s leading quick service restaurants with the brand winning numerous Top Brand awards with the latest award being named one of Thailand’s Most Powerful Brands in 2022. Much of this success can be attributed to the brands ability to consistently serve its customers great tasting, ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ chicken, hand-breaded with the Colonel’s famous secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices!

DJ Thailand

For KFC Thailand, heritage also means being part of the fabric of society, and we have entrenched ourselves into the Thai communities that we serve. Over the past 38 years, we have embedded the spirit of giving back into our brand. Through the Harvest program, we have played our part in tackling hunger working with 95 KFC restaurants from 15 provinces that resulted in building 11 Colonel's kitchens, supporting thousands of hungry people. Throughout the COVID pandemic, the KFC Thailand team supported medical staff over 45 hospitals in 27 provinces with food when they needed it the most. This focus on community has built a bedrock for the brand and has helped us become truly integrated into Thai culture. There is no doubt that our brand will continue to grow and we look forward to celebrating even more iconic milestones in the future.   

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