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July 05, 2019

· When: every year on 6th July

· Fun fact: KFC fans across the country devour just over 700 million pieces of chicken a year 

· Clucking awesome deals: on the KFC app, with the return of the Trilogy box meal for just £6.79 (usually £9.56) and more…

United Kingdom, July 5, 2019- Spray Cheese, Snuggies and National Lost Sock Memorial Day; some of America’s creations are better left on that side of the pond...until we heard about National Fried Chicken Day. Celebrated every year on 6th July, this is the one day dedicated to crispy, golden, finger lickin’ chicken.  



As the makers of the Original Recipe Fried Chicken, we recognised it was our duty to bring this day, our day, to you, a nation of fried chicken loving fans. But just how crazy do us Brits go for our hand breaded chicken?

  1. Hot wings from London to Mumbai: KFC sells over 170 million Hot Wings a year. If you were to lay out the UK’s annual consumption of Hot Wings, it would equal nearly 7,200 miles. That’s the distance between London and Mumbai.

  2. It’s all gravy baby: On average one pot of gravy is sold every minute across the UK and Northern Ireland.

  3. Two fillets are better than one: The KFC Double Down was the fastest selling item...EVER.

  4. The great gravy divide: Not surprisingly, Northerners eat double the amount of gravy than Southerners, as the North pours its way through 66% of all gravy orders.

  5. Hold the bones…: The UK’s no.1 meal choice is the Boneless Banquet, selling over 16 million meals a year – that’s over 230 million pieces of boneless fried chicken.

  6. Winner winner, chicken...burger! The UK goes cuckoo for KFC’s Mini Fillet burgers, selling over 14 million one a year.

  7. Fried chicken sidekicks: In a year, KFC sells over 280 million portions of fries. That’s enough fries to cover the circumference of the world 15,000 times over.

  8. Celebrity fans:Don’t just take our word for it, celebrities also like to indulge in our dreamy fried chicken menu. This Morning’s Holly & Phil have been known to indulge in the Colonel’s secret recipe chicken and it is a Christmas Eve tradition for the Beckhams, according to their Instagram. Gemma Collins and Fleur East were also recently snapped tucking in to KFC.

  9. The busiest day every year: Before we start basting our Christmas turkey, the Saturday before Christmas Eve, KFC restaurants are inundated with finger lickin’ fans, making it the busiest day of the year. Who knew?

  10. And the Zinger takes all: Our best-selling burger of all time is none other than the Zinger Burger, including the Zinger Stacker, Zinger Fillet and Zinger Tower, selling over 31 million a year, that’s nearly the population of Malaysia.

So, what to order on the big day?

There’s plenty of ways to get feastin’ on National Fried Chicken Day. Try the Trilogy Box Meal which is back featuring a fiery Zinger Fillet Burger, an Original Recipe Mini Fillet, a Small Popcorn Chicken, Regular Fries, Regular Side and a Regular Drink, this mega deal is only on for a limited time at just £6.79, saving £2.77.

Download the KFC App for more mouth-watering deals, like the Boneless Banquet – three Mini Fillets, a Small Popcorn Chicken, Regular Fries, Regular Side, Regular Drink and a dip for just £4.99, saving £1.50. For the perfect bite for a lunch with a twist – choose one of our delicious Twister Wraps for only £2.50, saving £1.49. Pick from any of the four flavours - Original Kentucky Mayo, Smokey Mountain BBQ, Southern Sweet Chilli or Nashville Hot.

Once signed up to the app, show the code provided at participating restaurants. Once signed up, you can enjoy all of KFC’s latest deals and offers only available through the App.

Every day should be National Fried Chicken Day, but we appreciate that other foods need their time to shine. Join us on our special day by showing how you’re celebrating. Tag #NationalFriedChickenDay and #HappyKFCDay with your KFC chicken on your social channels.


Notes to Editors

To find out how KFC is celebrating National Fried Chicken Day around the World, visit: www.internationalfriedchickenday.com

For more information and photography please contact:

E: Siobhan.peterson@freuds.com / jessie.brooks@freuds.com

T: +44 (20) 3003 6538


· Trilogy Box Meal for £6.79 (usually £9.56)

· Boneless Banquet for £4.99 (usually £6.49)

· Twister Wrap for £2.50 (usually £3.99)

All offers are available until 14th July.

The Boneless Banquet and Twister Wrap can be purchased via the KFC App.

The Trilogy Box Meal can be purchased at restaurants nationwide. Consumers can request an Original Recipe Fillet Burger instead of a Zinger Fillet Burger for the same offer price.




In 1952 Colonel Harland Sanders opened the first KFC restaurant in Utah. Since then, his perfectly crafted Original Recipe chicken and its secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices has become famous all over the world, and today we have over 900 restaurants across the UK and Ireland.

The Colonel was all about doing things the right way. That means our chicken is delivered fresh from farm to restaurant in 48 hours. It’s prepared carefully by hand in-restaurant by trained cooks, using the very best chicken reared to strict welfare standards. That’s what makes our food so finger lickin’ good.

The right way also means serving fresh proper food, packed with flavour. So we’ve worked hard to make nutritional improvements across our menu so our fans have as much choice as possible, and we’ve committed to removing 20% of calories per serving by 2025.

The Colonel also believed in feeding promise, wherever it’s found. So that’s why we invest heavily in the development and careers of our 24,000 employees – we were the first restaurant to launch an honours degree. And since its 2015 launch, our KFC Foundation has paid out grants totalling £3 million to our charity partners who are passionate about developing and nurturing young people across the country.

To find out more about us visit www.kfc.co.uk, or follow the Colonel on Twitter @KFC_UKI and Instagram @kfc_uki.

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