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Three Ways KFC’s Got Global Girl Power

KFCOur PeopleKyndall H.January 26, 2021

Who runs the world? Girls! Everyone has a seat at our table, and we’ve got proof at KFC of how women in our company have pulled up a chair and moved our business forward.

KFC understands the unique perspective and values women bring to our company and invests in them to reach their full potential. 1/3 of KFC General Managers and Managing Directors around the world are female and 44% of our level 10 high potential employees are female, but it doesn’t stop there. In 2019, Yum! Brands announced a commitment to advance more women into senior roles and achieve greater gender parity in senior leadership globally by 2030. 

See how the women below are impacting the future of KFC.

1. KFC Pakistan Dame Rider


Ten women make up KFC Pakistan’s first ever all-female delivery crew. We call them “Dame Riders”. They can be seen in the city of Lahore sporting their bright pink helmets and original KFC windbreakers as they cruise through the city delivering our delicious fried chicken on their custom scooters. This is truly a revolutionary concept by the team and we’re proud to have these fearless women showing the world how delivery is done!

Take a look at how it all comes together!

2. KFC Senegal all-female staff

kfc senegal

The opening in Dakar, Senegal, was monumental in many ways. Not only were we happy to open our very first restaurant in the country, but we did it with a team of women. The KFC in Senegal became the first franchise chain to have a female-only staff—from the restaurant workers all the way up the franchisee CEO. 

The restaurant is nicknamed the “First Lady Store” and has over 60 women on its payroll. Women are often underrepresented, but the new opening in Senegal showed exactly why women are essential to achieving our goals.

3. KFC U.S. female employee wins big from essay on “small act of kindness”

kfc us

One day while Alexis Roberti, a shift supervisor at KFC, was working, a regular customer seemed more stressed than usual. The customer ordered a family meal for her son on his birthday, but when it was time to check out, her card declined several times. The woman apologized for taking Alex’s time and not having the money. She couldn’t let the family drive off without their meal and without waiting any longer, Alexis decided to pay for the rest of the food herself. The woman was so thankful and promised to pay her back, but Alexis insisted it was her birthday present to the child.

For what she considers a “small” act of kindness, KFC was extremely impressed by what she did for the family. She received a $2,000 in college tuition assistance through the REACH Educational Grant Program and an additional $1,000 for being chosen as the Janet L. Kuhn Scholarship winner. Alexis credits KFC for motivating her to make this happen. Because of her job and the opportunity to serve people it has helped her to become a more hard-working, patient, and giving individual.

These are just some of the many ways KFC’s female employees are incredible. Be on the lookout for more stories as we continue to highlight their achievements in the coming months.

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