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The KFSecret-80

KFCDistinctively KFCMarina P.March 04, 2021

Did the last year bring a shortage of gossip in your life? Are social distancing and mask mandates making it hard for you to share secrets with friends? Well, don’t worry, KFC Mexico is here to help. The team in Mexico is giving us a way to tell secrets while still maintaining social distancing with the new KFSecret-80 “phone.”

The “device,” reminiscent of a tin-can telephone, is made up of two headphones shaped like KFC chicken buckets and a 1.5-meter-long rope so that two people can connect from a safe distance. The KFSecret-80 is being promoted with this parody commercial (inspired by Mexican infomercials).

The KFSecret-80 has arrived in Mexico for a limited time and only 80 will be available. Fans can go to www.kfsecret80.com and register for a chance to win one.

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