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Talking Pride with Lynsey Galley

KFCOur PeopleMarina P.June 24, 2021

Here at KFC, we lead with heart – it’s critical to our culture and part of our DNA. One of our core values is to believe in all people and we’re proud that KFC is committed to promoting a culture that stands for inclusion and respect, regardless of gender, race, or sexuality. We welcome people from all backgrounds and everyone can bring their best self to work. Everyone is welcome at our table. 

After a year unlike any other – full of lockdowns, restrictions, and limited human interaction – we believe celebrating openness and diversity is more important than ever. Inspired by Pride Month, we’re taking a few weeks this summer to recognize and celebrate our own LGBTQ+ community and culture around the world. Our “Talking Pride” series is all about championing diversity, celebrating how far we’ve come, and educating about the work that still needs to be done.

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What is your role with KFC?

I have been with KFC in different roles for 16 years. I am currently the Principle Operator at 1st Rate Investment, a UK Franchise operating 22 stores.

Tell us a little about yourself!

I live and lead in the North of England with my wife Rachel and our two children. I am doing a job I love, living where my heart is and living my best life! Rachel and I have been together for 20+ years (hard to keep counting exactly)! We became Civil Partners in 2005, only three weeks after the law allowed in the UK, we then converted our partnership to a marriage when there was further change in UK law.

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride means celebration of and support for equality for LGBTQ+ community. Celebration of who I am and a celebration that I do not need to hide it. Support for the ongoing struggle for equality across the world and a reminder that even on our progressive shores, there is much work to do for true equality.

It is important to me that I tell my story in Pride Month. When you are a leader, you have a voice and I want to use that voice to share my story. I really believe the more we tell our stories the more it helps the next generation and those around us to feel confident to live comfortably in their own skin.

“Coming Out” is a lifelong journey that you must navigate every time you meet new people and start new jobs. But I know that every time I do it, every time I live and talk authentically, it sends a little Pride ripple that could become a big wave for someone else.

What do you think people can do this Pride Month to practice allyship and raise awareness about important issues that impact the global LGBTQ+ community?

I am so grateful to have worked in a Brand that not only accepts me but celebrates who I am and who also asks, “what more can we do?” As a mum of two teenagers who are making their own journey through our world, I would ask you to talk to your children about different families and talk openly about LGBTQ+ issues. Your children will be and live amongst LGBTQ+ people, help them to be inclusive and compassionate. Please challenge behaviour and language that doesn’t support equality. If you want to do more, challenge yourself to challenge it!

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