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Say “Hello” to Mongolia’s Eco Cars

KFCDistinctively KFC, Social ImpactMarina P.September 14, 2021

Check out these super cute electric cars that KFC Mongolia is testing as part of their “So Green” initiative! The cars, which have been imported from China, are being tested at two KFCs in Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar; at the Business Plaza and Galleria downtown restaurants.


KFC Mongolia has developed a “So Green” strategy to achieve their goal of becoming an even more eco-friendly brand. In 2019, KFC Mongolia stopped using plastic straws in favor of paper ones. Subsequently, in 2020, the brand transitioned to paper cutlery as well. The e-car delivery vehicle test is a very important next step.


So why are these e-cars such a big deal? Ulaanbaatar suffers from some of the most polluted air in any capital city around the world. The city has imposed license plate-based number restrictions in downtown during weekdays. This means that vehicles are banned from entering the city center on certain days of the week, depending on the numbers on their license plate. Electric vehicles, however, are given an exemption from these restrictions. So, these e-cars not only give KFC a competitive advantage with regards to being able to drive around downtown, but also offer a much more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines.


The team has begun their test with two vehicles for now and has ordered two more. Ulaanbaatar holds the record as the world’s coldest capital city, so once the team confirms that these cars are effective during Mongolia’s harsh winter, they are planning a roll out of a full e-car delivery fleet over the coming years.

We’re hoping to see these little guys in many more countries around the world too!

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