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QSR Evolution Conference 2023: Taking a peek into the future of QSR

KFCDistinctively KFCKFCSeptember 18, 2023

Last week, members from the KFC Global team attended the QSR Evolution Conference – a first-of-its-kind event focused solely on the needs of quick-service restaurant operators.

Hosted by QSR Magazine and NextGen, industry leaders shared their perspective and experiences on relevant topics like fostering an inclusive culture, innovating with the drive thru, building strength through franchise partners and navigating the ever-evolving consumer.

There was refreshing dialogue between peers and even competitors as speakers and panelist addressed the most pressing challenges facing the industry as a whole.

qsr evolution

Here’s our key takeaways from this year’s event:

  • Prioritize spending time in restaurant

    – Multiple QSR leaders spoke about the important role time spent in their restaurants plays. These visits help those with roles outside the restaurant stay grounded in the day-to-day realities of the business. They also shed light on what team members and guests are experiencing, which in turn helps inform strategic decisions that drive the broader business.

  • Consistent execution and hospitality remain king

    – While we’re in the business of serving delicious food, our guests must remain at the center of every decision we make. It’s essential that we deliver on the key reasons people choose to spend their time and money with our brands. To ensure a consistent, hospitality-driven experience is enjoyed by every guest, it’s important we select strong operators who are guest-centric and motivated to develop their teams.

  • Innovation can transform legacy brands

    – Some brands like KFC have decades of experience serving guests, building loyalty and evolving the business. But to remain relevant for the decades to come, innovation is key. And this magic happens at the intersection of staying true to what defines you as a brand while also adopting new technology and tapping into modern cultural trends.

  • Connect with the community

    – Nearly every brand who participated at the conference shared their connection to the communities they serve. Through responsible hiring practices, team member development, volunteer opportunities and give-back programs, it's clear QSRs are making a real impact on their neighborhoods and the people in them.

QSR Magazine has already confirmed the conference will return in September 2024. Stay tuned for topic and speaker information: https://www.qsrevolutionconference.com/about/

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