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Our favorite KFC merchandise from around the world

KFCDistinctively KFCMarina PMarch 02, 2021

In case you want to take your KFC obsession to new heights, we thought we’d share some of our all-time favorite KFC merch products. From Malaysia to the UK to the USA, we’ve launched our fair share of stylish clothing, hilarious accessories, and downright bizarre products over the years. Here are our top ten items (in no particular order because we really couldn’t choose a favorite) – some of which are still available for purchase!

Kentucky Fried Chicken x crocs™

Featuring a fried chicken print, this classic clog collaboration sold out within half an hour after being released! Check them out here: https://www.crocs.com/KFC.html


11 Herbs & Spices Firelog by Enviro-Log®

KFC’s famous fried-chicken scented 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog is designed to make your home smell like fried chicken. It has been released during the holiday season for the last three years – selling out twice! US shoppers can still get their hands on one exclusively at Walmart.com.


Fried Chicken iPhone Case

KFC Japan gave away this giant fried chicken drumstick iPhone case to commemorate Colonel Sander’s birthday.

iphone case

All Gravy Baby Christmas Jumper

KFC UK released this seasonal item to “let your jumper do the talking and let the good stuff flow. It’s all gravy baby.” Although this jumper is sold out, the UK’s merch shop features all sorts of creative clothes and accessories that are still available to local buyers: https://kfcshop.co.uk/.

gravy baby

Chicken Skin Laptop Skin

In the words of KFC Canada, “Your computer’s never looked so delicious.” The adhesive vinyl sticker is available for purchase on Canada’s Colonel & Co. website.

laptop skin

Dream Colonel Pillowcase

Because who wouldn’t want to cuddle up every night with the Colonel?


Commemorative Plate

As KFC Canada states, the plate featuring Kentucky Fried Crumbs is “not fine China. It’s fine Kentucky.” Get your hands on one of these on Canada’s Colonel & Co. website.


“The Harland” Surfboard

In an appropriately Australian move, KFC in Australia sold surfboards featuring the Colonel logo. Also available for purchase was fried chicken scented surf wax.


Budgie Smuggler

To go along with the surfboard and surf wax, KFC also sold a limited-edition speedo or “budgie smuggler” (as Australians like to call it).

budgie smugglers

“Who’s Your Atuk?” T-Shirt

KFC Malaysia partnered with local streetwear brand, Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC), to launch “Finger Lickin’ Good Goods.” The t-shirt featured Colonel Sanders wearing a traditional kain pelikat (sarong) and a songkok (cap). “Atuk” is the Malay word for grandfather.


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