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MENAPakT’s First Ever Virtual Colonel’s Club

KFCOur People, Distinctively KFCMarina P.May 04, 2021

Here at KFC, we do everything we can to emphasize fun, recognize wins big and small, and focus on breakthrough results. We believe our team members should be able to come to work as the best version of themselves and, in turn, treat every guest like a friend. Our Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Turkey (MENAPakT) business’s annual Colonel’s Club event perfectly reflects these values and our culture by celebrating team members who went above and beyond this year.

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This year’s virtual Colonel’s Club event was attended by over 150 people from 14 different countries and recognized the best of the best Restaurant General Managers (RGMS) and Area Coaches (ACs) from across the MENAPakT region. The 30 RGMs and 24 ACs were selected based on their contributions to the business, performance and leadership skills, and for living and breathing our KFC culture despite the challenges Covid-19 presented over the last year.

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Additionally, seven “Difference Makers” were recognized for positively affecting the business not only with their business results, but for their teams and the people around them. From impacting their team members’ lives, making a difference in their communities, or simply raising funds and putting together essential care packages to support the less fortunate, our Difference Makers made a strong impact on people lives. This award was a small token of the MENAPakT team’s appreciation.

108 difference makers

The winners were awarded trophies and gift packs as part of their recognition. Additionally, the team ran a digital “spin the wheel” raffle draw that included a range of awards such as tablets, Fitbits, music speakers, and a $5000 cash prize for one lucky winner.

Covid also couldn’t stop MENAPakT from holding their annual “KFC Got Talent” and “Best Dress Up” competitions during the event either! The team was determined to keep these fan favorite competitions and embraced the virtual medium. The competitions are open to the broader KFC population across the region, not just the award winners. For the “KFC Got Talent” competition, employees shared short video clips performing their talents – singing, dancing, musical instruments, you name it – and those videos were shared with franchise partners who narrowed down the top performances to a shortlist. These videos were then streamed live during the event and the audience was able to vote on their favorites through a live poll.

102 kfc got talent participants

The “Best Dress Up” competition was held this year with a “We are all Colonels” theme. Similar to the talent competition, participants submitted photos of themselves that were then narrowed down by country based on creativity and effort. A jury was formed consisting of members of the Ops Team and colleagues from the MENAPakT Restaurant Support Center. The jury selected the top three submissions that were then awarded with prizes.

125 best dressed colonel participants

We’re so proud and inspired by this event and the team’s dedication to celebrating members of our community who have made the most of a very challenging year. We absolutely love how MENAPakT recognized these deserving, hard-working, culture-building members of their business.

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