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KFC Vietnam’s Colonelness Scholarships

KFCSocial ImpactMarina P.September 02, 2021

The Colonel’s values aren’t a marketing gimmick. They’re alive and well inside our walls—in our food, our people, our service, and our restaurants. When it comes to our house rules, we have three very simple ones for our employees: Be your best self. Make a difference. Have fun. We believe that you should come to work as the best version of yourself and we feel an obligation to help our people and our communities feed their potential. 

This effort includes initiatives both big and small that provide things like access to skill building to strengthen equality, access to opportunities to sustain communities, and access to food to stop hunger. Around the world, our markets, franchise partners, and employees and doing their part to act, inspire and affect positive change in their communities. 

This is all very much inspired by Colonel Sanders himself. The Colonel didn’t reach his ultimate goal until he was 65, but we think people should have the opportunity to do all they can and do it the best they can much sooner than that. So, we’re proud to live out the spirit of our founder each and every day. 

In this spirit, our team in Vietnam has recently partnered with Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HUTECH) to set up a “Colonel-ness Scholarship” to celebrate and promote the “never give-up spirit” of our founder. KFC Vietnam contributed VND 50mil to support five students to achieve theirs dreams. The awards were broken down as follows:

  • The Bold-head (VND 20 million/ approx. USD864 x1) 

  • The Risktaker (VND 10 million each x2) 

  • The Challenger (VND 5 million each x2)


The first ceremony to grant these awards was held earlier this year and we’d love to share some details on the worthy recipients:

The Bold-head:

Nguyen My Tran is a 2nd year student with a dream of building an organic farm in her hometown of Ca Mau. She’s working to gain biotechnology knowledge from leading markets of the field, such as Taiwan, to bring back to Vietnam.

The Risktaker:

  • Nguyen Le Duy dreams to produce and commercialize taro sap for treating burns. His product is already in testing!

  • Pham Xuan Khanh dreams of becoming an advocate of art education for young people and building a museum of art and people.

The Challenger:

  • Lieu Tu Luan hopes to become a successful businessman and has already founded a start-up in building materials.

  • Despite of the fact that Le Thao Quynh grew up without a father and with a sick Mother, she is working harder to get everything in order. She’s in her final year of study and continuing her path to achieve her dream. Her goal is to become lecturer who inspires youth with career passion and to create scholarships to support poor students to continue their education.


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