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KFC South Africa Continues to Add Hope

KFCSocial ImpactMarina P.March 23, 2021
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Last month, our team in South Africa picked up on an opinion piece in The People’s Post highlighting the plight of childhood hunger in the Western Cape. The piece, written by Leanne Reid, founder of a non-profit organization called Learning in Reach, explained that many early childhood development (ECD) centres were hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown and struggling to feed the youths in their programmes after finances were tightened by parents.

Millions of children around South Africa go hungry every day, and as one of South Africa’s best loved brands, KFC has long felt obligated to help. In 2009, KFC South Africa launched Add Hope. In any of our restaurants there, customers can buy a side item for just two rand. This two rand goes towards feeding a child. It’s a small amount, but it makes a big difference to a hungry little one. All proceeds raised through Add Hope go directly to non-profit organisations (NPOs) which use this money to provide in need children with the vital nutrition they need.
With this in mind, when the team read Leanne Reid’s piece, they sprung to action by getting in touch with her and donating 300 emergency relief parcels to Learning in Reach. The organization then ensured fair distribution of the food to all of the ECD centres in the area. These food parcels are critical for children’s development. Faced with reduced enrollment and funding due to the pandemic, many of the centres couldn’t afford to provide meals to the children.

KFC is committed to feeding people’s potential to fight inequality and Add Hope plays a critical role in helping to fight hunger by providing access to food. To learn more about the Add Hope porgramme, click here: https://order.kfc.co.za/addhope

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