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KFC Malaysia Salad Recipe

KFCFoodJohn B.December 14, 2020

Over the last year, travel and quarantine restrictions have led to an uptick in delivery and carry out, and many of us have been spending a bit more time in the kitchen than we’re used to. Many of KFC’s markets have been sharing recipes to combine the best of both worlds: the KFC you’ve brought home and the ingredients in your refrigerator.


This week, KFC Malaysia shares how to make their tasty KFC Salad. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One piece of KFC Original Recipe Chicken

  • Lettuce

  • One red chili pepper

  • One red onion

  • One carrot

  • Your choice of nuts, parsley, cheese, and/or croutons to garnish

  • Balsamic glaze

From there, you’re just a few minutes from a tasty meal. First, take slice the carrot, chili pepper, and onion into long, thin slices, and set them aside. Then, shred your Original Recipe Chicken by pulling lengthwise. Next, place your lettuce in a bowl and top with the carrot, chili pepper, onion, and Original Recipe Chicken. Finally, add your garnishes and finish it off with a balsamic glaze for a nice tangy touch. Serve with a warm bun or KFC Biscuits.

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