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HYPE Presents: 35 Under 35 — Damir Hajdarevic

KFCOur People, Social ImpactDecember 16, 2021

HYPE (Hungry Young Professionals Engaging) is an ERG based in the Lousiville, Kentucky campus. They recently launched their 35 under 35 campaign which aims to highlight 35 young professionals from now until the end of the year who are making a difference in our company and practicing allyship. Learn more about Damir, KFC Packaging Engineer, below:


What is a recent achievement you wish to share? 

I recently completed my master’s degree in engineering management from the University of Louisville and also received the Dr. Kathy Gosser Learning Legacy Award to pursue a certificate in packaging from the Institute of Packaging Professionals.

How are you an ally/practicing allyship for an underrepresented community? 

I have volunteered with several different local organizations that represent different communities. Two that I am particularly proud of are Blessings in a Backpack, which provides food to students from low-income families, and Heuser Hearing Institute, which is a tuition-free school and community resource for children and adults with hearing disorders. In addition to that, I am also a member of the FIT EIB squad where we explore opportunities to be involved with underrepresented communities by partnering with local schools to develop food science curriculums and internship programs. The FIT EIB squad also hosts lunches for the FIT department where we cook foods from a certain culture and discuss the history behind the culture and the food.

What's a company/organization you think is making an impact for growth and good? 

Blessings in a Backpack is an organization that does impactful work by providing meals for children who usually rely on school lunches and other food-insecure children.

What is your career aspiration/goal? Do you have a "dream position"?

Currently, I want to continue to grow my career in the packaging field. I am open to further exploring other roles in KFC that stretch my skills and where I can make a contribution to the business.

What is your favorite menu item from any of our brands (it's ok if it's not your brand)

The Zinger from the KFC Global markets.

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