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HYPE Presents: 35 Under 35—Brittany Ruehling

KFCOur People, Social ImpactKyndall H.May 20, 2021

HYPE (Hungry Young Professionals Engaging) is an ERG based at our Lousiville, Kentucky campus. They recently launched their 35 under 35 campaign which aims to highlight 35 young professionals from now until the end of the year who are making a difference in our company and practicing allyship. Learn more about Brittany, Training Readiness Analyst for KFC US, below:

Brittany Ruehling (1)

What is a recent achievement you wish to share?

I have recently been accepted to the Young Professional Association of Louisville (YPAL)'s Emerging Leaders Program and was selected to be an Associate Board Member for Nativity Academy.

How are you an ally/practicing allyship for an underrepresented community?

I currently serve as the Allyship Co-Chair for UNITE (the Louisville campus multicultural BRG), helping to bring programming for what it means to be an ally and steps one can take to be an even better ally. Outside of work, I serve on the board at Nativity Academy helping to fundraise and increase community engagement with the students (made up primarily of URM).

Who is an influential leader for you (outside of Yum/brand) and why?

Charles Booker - he epitomizes what it means to be a lead with humility and be a voice for those that are underrepresented in the community.

Tell us something about yourself you would love to share

I turned down the chance to be a contestant on The Bachelor. (I know I would've been voted off the first night...)

What is your favorite menu item from any of our brands (it's ok if it's not your brand)

Taco Bell's cheese quesadilla (with extra EXTRA sauce!)

Hype 35 Under 35

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