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HYPE Presents: 35 Under 35 — Andrew Kircher

KFCOur People, Social ImpactNovember 04, 2021

HYPE (Hungry Young Professionals Engaging) is an ERG based in the Lousiville, Kentucky campus. They recently launched their 35 under 35 campaign which aims to highlight 35 young professionals from now until the end of the year who are making a difference in our company and practicing allyship.  Learn more about Andrew, Associate Manager, Ops Intelligence, below:


What is a recent achievement you wish to share?

I recently was promoted into Assoc. Mgr., Ops Intelligence from an HR Role.

How are you an ally/practicing allyship for an underrepresented community?

I worked on improving the quality of data on the Kanarys Assessment to give us better insights, which we will use to help our underrepresented communities.

What's a company/organization you think is making an impact for growth and good?

I feel like KFC US is working harder than ever to improve the quality of life for our employees.

What is your career aspiration/goal? Do you have a "dream position"?

I enjoy problem solving so I want to be a "Senior Problem Solver".

What is your favorite menu item from any of our brands (it's ok if it's not your brand)?

KFC Chicken Sandwich!

Hype 35 Under 35

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