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Did Someone Say Gravy?

KFCDistinctively KFC, FoodKyndall H.December 04, 2020

Our gravy is one of a kind for sure. You can pair it with just about anything, whether it’s our chicken, biscuits, or mashed potatoes. The Colonel even once said that, if you make it right, you can just eat the gravy. 

Well KFC UK&I took that quote and ran with it because they sure do love our famous gravy. They love it so much that over the last few years they’ve come up with different ways to eat it, smell it, pour it — you get the point.

Want to know how they did it? It’s all gravy, just check out the list below.

1. KFC's Limited-Edition Candle


This limited-edition candle launched in 2019 and it smelled like our famous KFC GRAVY. For those folks who loved the smell and couldn’t get enough of it, this candle was a match made in heaven (pun intended). Although the candle did include some of our actual gravy to help create the scent, we wouldn’t suggest eating it.Don’t worry though…we’re getting to that part. 

2. In Gravy We Crust: Pizza Hut and KFC

pizza (1)

If you found smelling the candle at home was too much of a tease, then wait no longer. Introducing the gravy crust pizza! Earlier this year, Pizza Hut and KFC teamed up to celebrate National Pizza Day, but with a twist. This mouth-watering pizza was created using KFC’s iconic Gravy on a Classic Crust base, with mozzarella cheese topped with fan favorite Popcorn Chicken and sprinkled with sweetcorn. And of course, extra gravy on the side.

3. Blue Monday Gravy


Blue Monday is a day in January that’s claimed to be the most depressing day of the year, and that’s no fun. Fortunately, KFC UK&I knew just the trick to cure the Blue Monday Gloom. On the worst day of the year, they decided to give out smiles and free KFC gravy. So, no more Blue Monday, more like Woo Monday!

4. Colonel’s Bottomless Gravy


With the holidays come lots of parties, but none quite as delicious as last’s year’s Bottomless Gravy Christmas Party hosted by KFC in the UK. Last year, KFC UK&I introduced their first ever Bottomless Gravy Christmas Party. Folks could reserve a table at the party and enjoy all the festive menu items, which included: Festive Fries, buckets of chicken, our famous sides, the Festive Burger, Mint Choc Krushem Soft Serve, and did we mention gravy? We heard it was a great time. The Colonel always knew how to throw a party! The best part is that proceeds from the ticket sales went directly to the KFC Foundation.

5. Gravy Burger Box Meal


The most recent gravy innovation came last month after KFC UK&I announced the first addition to its festive menu: The Gravy Burger Box Meal. The brand-new burger features a layer of gravynnaise (yep, that’s gravy mayo), an Original Recipe chicken fillet, a slice of melted cheese and – the pièce de résistance – the world’s first Hash Brown Gravy Boat. They even developed an all-new mini gravy pouring pot, so you can really let it flow.   

Well that’s all for the gravy folks! Show us how you like to eat your KFC gravy on Instagram @traveltheworldwithKFC

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