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Celebrating Women’s History Month with KFC Kshamata in India

KFCDistinctively KFC, Social ImpactApril 01, 2022
KFC Kshamata 1

As Women’s History Month 2022 comes to a close, we can’t let this moment in time pass without spotlighting our KFC India team and one of their latest programs – KFC Kshamata. 

Reinforcing our commitment toward gender and ability parity, KFC Kshamata is a focused effort toward driving 2X Empowerment by 2024. But what does 2X Empowerment look like for KFC?

Through this program, our aim is to increase the women workforce at our restaurants by 2X and double the footprint of KFC restaurants operated by hearing & speech impaired team members by 2024. 

In addition, flagship Special KFCs will be launched across the country to provide an elevated KFC experience for specially-abled team members as well as customers.

KFC India will be sharing progress along their journey so stay tuned!

KFC Kshamata 2

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