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A Charity Bridge in Vietnam

KFCSocial ImpactMarina PJuly 13, 2021

At KFC, being a good corporate steward is a fundamental commitment and an important part of our success. As part of the largest restaurant company in the world, we understand and accept our responsibility to protect the environment, promote social change and equality, and enhance the lives of our people and communities. We’re passionate about making bold and meaningful changes that reflect our priorities for socially responsible growth, risk management and sustainable stewardship of our people, food and planet. We believe that investing in the right recipe today is the most important ingredient to creating a world of good for our people and communities tomorrow.

We have three very simple “house rules” that represent our People Promise:

  1. Be Your Best Self

  2. Make A Difference

  3. Have Fun

Make a difference is a reflection not only of the opportunities we want to give our employees to positively impact their restaurants/working environments and their own lives but also of our commitment to affecting positive change in our communities. When it comes to making a difference, we believe it is critical to feed people’s potential to fight inequality. Our employees and franchisees around the world are encouraged to do so in manners that best impact their local countries and communities.

Cau Nong Ong Sau 2

We recently heard about a fantastic project that our franchise partners at KFC Vietnam took on that we thought was a perfect example of making a difference by feeding people’s potential to fight inequality. The team recently sponsored the building of a new bridge for an impoverished community in the Ca Mau province of Vietnam.

For context here, Ca Mau is Vietnam’s southernmost province, and as a peninsula, it is largely a wetland ecosystem comprised of rivers, canals and forests. The communities in this area are usually connected by traditionally built bridges of wood and rope that often fall apart when the waters flood. Without a bridge, these communities get separated and what may have been an easy two-minute walk for residents has to become a boat ride (if the currents allow). Furthermore, many of the local boats can’t support motorcycles so there often isn’t anywhere to go anyway without functioning bridges.

Cau Nong Ong Sau 1

One of these communities no longer had a functioning bridge so KFC Vietnam stepped in and replaced it, connecting several outlying hamlets to a larger commune. With the bridge’s inauguration in 2021, KFC is hopeful that it will contribute to the overall development of the commune by enabling the local community to have more opportunities and access to resources.

Cau Nong Ong Sau 3

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