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#734 in Indonesia! Wow!

KFCDistinctively KFCMarina P.April 15, 2021

We’re so excited about our newest restaurant in Indonesia that opened last month in Jakarta. Our 734th (!!!) Indonesian restaurant, located in the bustling Kemayoran neighborhood, features a free-standing drive thru and stunning design details.


KFC Kemayoran features distinct local motifs and design elements integrated at the front counter area. This is a reflection of Indonesia’s transition to using a “handmade” design package across all new restaurants since 2020. Since the building was built from the ground up, the design is very dynamic and angular. The new logo and wordmark is used across the restaurant with cues like “bow-tie” chairs included.


Kemayoran is an ideal location for the new restaurant for several reasons. From monuments, to museums, to markets, to the Grand Indonesia Mall, there are countless attractions and activities within close proximity to the restaurant. Additionally, the area has seen a recent rise in medical activity. There are buildings there that had previously been used as hotels and as housing for athletes during the Asia Games in 2018 that have now been converted into medical centres and facilities.

We’re so excited to be growing in this vibrant neighbourhood!


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