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Why purpose filled brands will set the trends in 2022

January 26, 2022

Below is an excerpt from a recent article written by Andra Nel, manager of Corporate Social Investment and Sponsorship with KFC Africa. Read the full article from BizCommunity.com here.

Andra Nel

Gone are the days where success meant for brands to just be focused on good service or a great product to be profitable - and brand purpose would live as a nice to have. Today, consumers are clear on their expectations from the brands they support, demanding more - more accountability, more community involvement and more sustainability.

For purpose to be more than just lip-service for your brand, whether from South Africa, Africa or around the world, there are a few fundamental principles that need to form a part of your purpose thinking:

1. Inside-out

Being a brand with purpose means that purpose truly is at the core of all you do. That it is the guiding light in all that you do and that it becomes the yard stick by which you measure your efforts in all spheres of the business.

2. Authenticity

It is crucial that when brands play in the CSI space, especially, remain authentic to the core value of the brand. The biggest mistake that a brand can make is assume that the consumers will not notice that what is portrayed as purpose is in fact just smoke and mirrors and not engrained into the brand or organization. Consumers cannot be fooled by words that are not backed up by real action.
Therefore, if you want people to know that you stand for a specific cause or message, be sure to show congruence with that through your actions.

3. Consistency

Consistency of message, action and implementation of your values. In an era where brands are chasing the latest consumer trend and buzz word, be the brand that stays true to what your purpose is, committed to making long-term and sustainable difference and impact.

4. Shared values

While organizations and consumers may focus on their own challenges, there is a sweet spot where shared values and interests exist. Where these two spheres collide, and brands and consumers can relate to one another based on what is truly material to them. In this symbiotic symphony, when one wins, both win and meaningful impact can be felt and experienced by all.

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