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The restaurant of the future: KFC builds the first restaurant in the world where the number of contact points is minimized

June 10, 2020

KFC’s ‘restaurant of the future’ may begin a new chapter in the digital development of the Russian restaurant industry

June 10th, 2020, Moscow – In response to the new challenges of the time, KFC is preparing to open its first ‘restaurant of the future’ in the world – a restaurant based on the concept of minimizing all possible indoor contacts. Contactless service is made possible by switching the traditional cash desks with cashiers into digital kiosks, as well as through the use of a new contactless automated zone for picking up orders and a biometric identification system for the payment and receipt of orders. The new restaurant will also become an incubator of innovative ideas and digital solutions, the most successful of which will be implemented in other KFC restaurants in Russia, thus transforming it completely.

The restaurant, located near the Butyrskaya metro station in Moscow, is operationally ready and will be able to start receiving guests as soon as the restrictions on public catering restaurants are lifted.


Pic 1. An automated order issuing system

Ordering dishes


Pic 2. The order hall and beverage station

All orders in the new restaurant will be made through digital kiosks. To simplify and speed up the procedure, KFC has additionally implemented a biometric identification system in every device in the restaurant. The system converts a face image of the customer into an individual digital code and makes it possible for the customer, once registered, to not only eliminate the need for a card or mobile phone to pay for orders during every subsequent visit to KFC, but also to order their favourite dishes faster than ever, as the system remembers and suggests the order during future visits. The guests can also place an order without registration.

The restaurant is equipped with a Click & Collect function when a guest places an order via the mobile app and picks it up at a specified time from the corresponding cell in the restaurant.


In order to improve safety and security inside the restaurant, the restaurant minimized cash circulation, so the guests can choose between a biometric identification system, a credit card or a phone which supports Apple Pay or Android Pay technologies. If a customer requires help, they can contact a hostess or call the restaurant Manager via a special SOS kiosk. Those who wish to pay in cash can still do it using a special terminal.


Pic 3. Self-service kiosks with a biometric identification system for persons with reduced mobility

Preparing and delivering the order


Pic 4. A special Robo-hand puts the order into a cell


Pic 5. A visitor picks up an order from the cell


Pic 6. Contactless automated zone for picking up orders

The kitchen in the "restaurant of the future" is partly open, allowing guests to watch the preparation process of their order as it is being assembled and transported along the conveyor belt. A special Robo-hand then moves the order into a cell, where it is stored for no longer than 10 minutes. The cell opens automatically with the help of the face recognition system, which is also installed in automatic hot drink filling machines. Thus, the first hands that touch the freshly prepared chicken are the guest's own hands.

The restaurant will feature a full KFC menu with the exception of ice cream in a cone, beer, and Chef lemonade.

The digital transformation of the largest player in the fast-food industry in Russia could impact the entire industry, contributing to its further development in line with modern digital trends.

“The digital transformation of KFC in Russia has been going on for the past few years. We implement innovations not only in our internal business processes but also work to make ordering meals directly in the restaurant and outside even more convenient and fast for millions of KFC chicken lovers. Together with our guests we will test the most advanced and interesting ideas and decide which of them will be implemented in other restaurants of the chain, thus transforming it as a whole,” said Raisa Polyakova, KFC's CEO in Russia and CIS. “In addition, our ‘restaurant of the future’ will serve as a response to the challenges of the new reality, where ensuring security and reducing the number of contacts become the key to success and a guarantee of maintaining business stability. ”

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the restaurant of the future, as well all of the chain’s 930 restaurants, will implement increased sanitary and hygiene measures to ensure the safety of guests and employees. Special markings will be placed on the floor in the digital kiosks area to help remind visitors to keep a social distance. Special signs will also be placed in the common areas of the restaurant and on the chairs, reminding visitors to keep a distance of 1.5 meters and offering them any other available space. Tables will be disinfected after each guest leaves, and, every 30 minutes, self-service kiosks and other surfaces that are often touched by guests. Guests of the restaurant can also use antibacterial soap in the bathrooms and disinfect their hands with a sanitizer.


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