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Press Release


July 29, 2020

July 28, 2020, Cape Town, South Africa- South Africans love their chicken, and the wing is a firm favorite whether fried, zinger or dunked! In fact, they love them so much that KFC South Africa sells over 13 147km worth of chicken wings - enough to pave a road from Cape Town to London! That’s a lot of chicken wings.

The 29th July 2020 marks International Chicken Wing Day – and what a day to celebrate chicken and specifically the #iphiko.

South African ranks* number 10 in the top 10 poultry meat consumers (kg/per capita) in the world. What’s more, not only is the poultry industry the biggest agricultural industry in South Africa, but it represents more than 60% of the total meat consumption in the country and the demand for chicken is expected to rise to 1.93 million tonnes in 2020.

But let’s tell you more about the wing?

Besides selling enough to pave a road from Cape Town to London, winter also signals the ‘comfort food’ binge and wings are right up there with the best of them – seeing an increase in wing consumption, compared to the other seasons. And, when paired with a side, South Africans love their coleslaw and mash and gravy – but chips take top spot.

Wings were originally first introduced to the KFC menu internationally in 1990, but actually only became a permanent item on the KFC menu in the US in 2019. But for South Africans, they have been enjoying the wing permanently since 2007. That’s a lot of time to perfect the local favorite.

KFC chickens are freshly sourced from reputable local suppliers who meet the brand’s stringent global brand standards. “We receive deliveries three times a week and the chicken is quality and safety checked 34 times before it even leaves the farm to be delivered,” says Suhayl Limbada, Marketing Director at KFC. “Each batch of wings is individually inspected by our highly trained cooks, to make sure it is only the best.” The individual pieces are then hand breaded and rolled into KFC’s secret combination of 11 herbs and spices recipe ensuring a crisp golden finish and distinctive taste.

“There is always talk about our secret recipe - the 11 herbs and spices- but actually the secret ingredient is you, our customers. To the wingers –the zinger lovers, the dunked fans - as a side, meal or bucket - whether drive thru, takeaway, curbside or in-restaurant - we have you covered for your wing fix this International Chicken Wing Day.”

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© 2023 Yum! Ltd. All rights reserved. The KFC name, logos and similar signs are registered trademarks of Yum! Ltd.