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June 13, 2019

The finger lickin' good taste of KFC is now available to vegans for the first time

London, United Kingdom, June 13, 2019- This is not a drill. It’s happening. The chicken gurus at KFC are trialing a vegan burger. Yep… you read that right. For too long, vegans have been denied the epic taste of KFC’s iconic Original Recipe. But no more. The winds of change have whistled through the Colonel’s kitchen. A bold new era is upon us. The Imposter burger is born.



What is this daring new creation? The Imposter burger is a triumph of deception, delivering
on the taste, crunch and succulence KFC is renowned for. KFC’s customary real chicken
breast fillet is instead replaced with a bespoke Quorn fillet, coated in the Colonel’s Original

Recipe herbs and spices. Fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy vegan mayo complete the meat
free masterpiece, which is all housed in a soft glazed bun.  

The burger is being trialled from 17th June for four weeks. So whether you’re vegan, veggie,
flexitarian or just an intrigued chicken fan, it’s time to try the Imposter. Head to London,
Bristol or The Midlands to get your hands on one.  

A new vegetarian creation is also being trialled from 15th July in the same locations. The
Southern Fritter Stacker will be available as a burger, as well as a wrap and ricebox.  

Victoria Robertson, Chief Vegetable Enthusiast at KFC UK & Ireland commented: “We know… it’s unfair. Vegans have been cruelly denied the incredible taste of KFC up to now, which is why we’ve worked hard to perfect The Imposter – a vegan burger that the Colonel would be proud of.”
Tony Davison, Head of Global Foodservice & QSR at Quorn commented: “A vegan KFC? We
couldn’t believe it either. But we’ve done it – working with KFC we’ve created a bespoke
Quorn fillet that does the Colonel’s recipe justice. We have no doubt that KFC fans are going
to love the modern take on a finger lickin’ favourite.”  

Dawn Carr, Director of Vegan Corporate Projects at PETA added: "We’ve been so excited to
hear about this and play a part in KFC’s journey to reaching this game-changing new vegan
range. We're confident it will be a huge hit with the skyrocketing numbers of vegans,
vegetarians, and flexitarians around the UK. Clucking marvellous!"  


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In 1952 Colonel Harland Sanders opened the first KFC restaurant in Utah. Since then, his perfectly crafted Original Recipe chicken and its secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices has become famous all over the world, and today we have over 900 restaurants across the UK and Ireland.  

The Colonel was all about doing things the right way. That means our chicken is delivered fresh from farm to restaurant in 48 hours. It’s prepared carefully by hand in-restaurant by trained cooks, using the very best chicken reared to strict welfare standards. That’s what makes our food so finger lickin’ good.

The right way also means serving fresh proper food, packed with flavour. So we’ve worked hard to make nutritional improvements across our menu so our fans have as much choice as possible, and we’ve committed to removing 20% of calories per serving by 2025.

The Colonel also believed in feeding promise, wherever it’s found. So that’s why we invest heavily in the development and careers of our 24,000 employees – we were the first restaurant to launch an honours degree. And since its 2015 launch, our KFC Foundation has paid out grants totalling £3 million to our charity partners who are passionate about developing and nurturing young people across the country.

To find out more about us visit www.kfc.co.uk, or follow the Colonel on Twitter @KFC_UKI and Instagram @kfc_uki.

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