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KFC The Mill: KFC opens delivery restaurant in a Dutch windmill

November 10, 2020

KFC goes on a Dutch tour with the introduction of Zinger bitterballen

Rotterdam, Netherlands, November 10- Today KFC opens "The Mill", a special pop-up delivery restaurant for the introduction of KFC's first typical Dutch snack: the spicy Zinger bitterbal. The former spice mill "De Ster" on the Kralingse Plas in Rotterdam has been temporarily converted into a KFC restaurant. Portions of Zinger Bitterballen are prepared from here and served in the familiar buckets. Gourmets from the Rotterdam region can order the new snack online from the Rotterdam windmill and have it delivered by KFC delivery, as a kick-off for the national introduction of the Zinger Bitterbal in all KFC restaurants.

The spicy Zinger Bitterballen are the first traditional Dutch snack from the American restaurant chain KFC. But KFC wouldn't be KFC if it didn't give it a twist. For example, the bitterballen are flavored with the well-known spicy Zinger ingredients. This makes them the world's first spicy spicy seasoned chicken bitterballen. The bitterballen are served with a sweet and sour mustard sauce in buckets of 3, 6 and 18 pieces. The Zinger bitterballen are from today not only available at the Rotterdam windmill, but in every KFC restaurant in the Netherlands.


1 star Beter Leven

The Zinger bitterbal This is the first introduction of KFC under the Beter Leven quality mark. KFC has already taken steps by being the first fast food chain to sign the Better Chicken Commitment. Dirk Jan Verdonk, General Director of World Animal Protection Netherlands, about this step: “KFC once again shows that a more animal-friendly offer is important. We as World Animal Protection Netherlands are very happy with this. More and more consumers are opting for sustainable products with a focus on animal welfare. Products like this one with the Beter Leven quality mark are certainly part of this. ”

KFC The Mill

To celebrate the introduction of these first KFC bitterballen, KFC is therefore temporarily opening a delivery restaurant in the "De Ster" mill in Rotterdam. Spices are still ground in this monumental mill from 1866. From 10 to 13 November, room will be made here for the spices and bitterballen from KFC. KFC The Mill is open from 10 to 13 November between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm, exclusively for delivery of the Zinger bitterballen buckets. Trix van der Vleuten, CMO KFC Northern Europe: “We see that people traditionally like to eat bitterballen during this period. This introduction means that people do not have to leave the house to organize a drink at home with the family or virtually with your colleagues, because we are happy to bring these bitterballen with KFC delivery. You don't have to miss your favorite snack during the holidays. I am sure that our spicy version of this traditional Dutch snack will be well received by the Netherlands. ”More information about Zinger bitterballen can be found here.

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