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KFC Thailand named No.1 Social Media brand of the decade in Thailand

March 02, 2022

KFC Thailand wins 2 awards from the 10th Thailand Zocial Awards 2022 remains the strongest position in customer’s heart, impactfully engage Thai customers through social media.

Once again KFC Thailand has won the best brand performance on Social Media in restaurant category for 7 years in a row. And is the first brand of winning Best Performing brand of the decade. For the award of Best Performing Brand of the Decade on Social Media, KFC has a long-term key success in social media admin as the voice of the brand to communicate responsively with followers and the first brand to start humanizing the administrator brand character to engage with consumers .The brand has received many positive feedbacks that strengthen the reputation in customer relationship management (CRM) and was able to bring online customers’ voice in improving brand’s satisfactions and brand’s engagement.

Apart from that during the Covid-19 pandemic, KFC has made such a strong foothold to be more active through social media channels to connect with consumers as we know that from the pandemic people feel uneasy to go out and dining at restaurants. KFC saw the potential opportunity to connect emotionally with followers throughout marketing campaigns during the lock down to create online engagement. Some campaigns such as “KFC daring fried chicken”, KFC the geolocation branch, KFC masterchick-homecook tutorials and KFC sorry we run out of stock.

These milestones of KFC’s social media communication have emphasized the brand’s reputation to be sincerity, joyfulness and attention to online followers and offline customers. KFC promises in continuing to make better quality to win consumer’s heart in the future.

The Thailand Zocial Awards is organized by Wisesight (Thailand) to give awards to brands, influencers, and outstanding entertainment businesses. Screening and selection procedures have a measurement system called Wisesight Metric to select the outstanding social media professionals that ended successfully and spectacularly. The system employs AI (Artificial Intelligence) to access all top performers in Thailand’s social media circle and analyze by using data science, together with many well-recognized online professionals from various businesses.

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