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KFC Thailand Joins Forces with the Equitable Education Fund (EEF) in support of Out-of-School Children

October 11, 2023
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KFC Thailand announces its pledge to join forces with the EEF (Equitable Education Fund) in its mission to spotlight the learning and earning potential of out-of-school Thai Youth.

Since inception, KFC’s founder Colonel Sanders believed that each person possesses limitless potential. It was his lifelong ambition to invest in the potential of others, especially the youth. Colonel knew that with access to mentorship and development, everyone is destined for greatness. Today, at KFC, the brand’s modus operandi remains the same.

KFC Thailand recognizes the pivotal role education plays in our lives, and KFC firmly believes that education for young people is of paramount importance. Together with the EEF, KFC launches its 'Bucket Search' initiative, supporting disadvantaged youth with fundamental skills that transcend the textbook. The initiative aims to reach those who are overlooked by society; to encourage their talents and their confidence in building a future they deserve.

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This initiative comes in the wake of nationwide statistics, revealing that Thai youth aged 15-23 leaving the formal education system has increased by almost 100,000 a year. Currently, over one million young individuals find themselves outside the educational system in Thailand.

“These statistics push us to embark on a journey to help youth explore their potential and support their aspirations. We aim to not only facilitate their return to education, but also foster a comeback aligned with their passions and dreams,” says Mr. Sakechai Choomuenwai, General Manager of Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Ltd. and Chairman of KFC Foundation.

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The KFC Bucket Search is born from a deep-seated desire to deliver opportunities for children impacted by disparities and social marginalization. The KFC family aims to reintegrate these youngsters into society, enabling self-reliance. The Bucket Search journey will provide support across many faculties that include knowledge, life skills, and funding, empowering them to unlock their fullest potential.

In addition to the learning and development, KFC Bucket Search will support vocational careers and offer a Work & Study program, helping to balance time and income. Whether a student aspires to be a hairdresser, a tattoo artist, or a small business owner, Bucket Search gives them a career launchpad, without disrupting their daily lives.

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“Our hope is that the KFC Bucket Search will foster creativity and excitement in young people, as we are committed to propelling young individuals toward a future in which they become an integral part of our nation's success,” says Prof. Dr. Sompong Jitradab, Expert Director of The Equitable Education Fund (EEF)

The KFC Bucket Search commences this October and will assist the first group of 130 out-of-school children, from more than 10  provinces, before eventually expanding nationwide.

“KFC envisions this project as a starting point for everyone to recognize the myriad of hidden potential that lay within our youth, as it would indeed be a sad day in our Thai heritage to know that we could have grown the greatest Thai potential, and we chose not to. We believe that together as a resilient nation, we can transform lives,” —Mr. Sakechai Choomuenwai

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