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April 23, 2021

The communication of Kentucky Fried Chicken has been entrusted to the media company of Andrea Scotti Calderini
Paolo Toffano, Head of Marketing, KFC Italia: "we need an authentic dialogue with the new generations

MILAN, April 22, 2021 -- Transform KFC (which has been in the Italian market with its irresistible fried chicken for seven years) into a loved and relevant brand for the new generations: this is the goal that KFC is now pursuing in partnership with media company Freeda Media. This is an unprecedented and innovative partnership to conquer Gen Z and Millennials with a purpose driven, strategic social approach through a renewed narrative that will use both social channels and traditional advertising tools.

The objective of the consultancy of Freeda, the media company founded in 2016 by Andrea Scotti Calderini and Gianluigi Casole, will be to support KFC in becoming a reference point for young people, a voice capable of showcasing new trends and inspiring people. Freeda will help KFC pursue this thanks to its ability to recognize and enhance the changes in society, a direction that the company has followed since its inception by telling stories able to inspire others on social networks, and increasingly becoming the voice of the new generations, in particular Gen Z and Millennials.

“The new generations live online and do not like definitions, they use means that did not exist until a few years ago and they create subcultures that are important to know and recognize. KFC wants to listen to understand the lifestyles, the codes of thought and interaction in which the universe of young people is articulated, and to get closer to their communities through an authentic dialogue. Precisely for this reason, we have started a strategic partnership with Freeda: an agency outside the box, an unusual collaboration in our sector. I strongly wanted to consolidate the equity of the brand and put people, values ​​and listening at the center of KFC’s communication,” says Paolo Toffano, Head of Marketing and Communication for KFC Italia. “The goal is to make KFC a generator of relevant content for the future of Gen Z and Millennials, therefore for the future of all of us. Values ​​in which our founder, Colonel Sanders, believed and relevant today more than ever. He was an example of resilience and inclusion which can also be an inspiration for the very young. As a global brand, we want to commit to being promoters of their voice and to take this journey with them around these issues.”

As a result of its partnership with KFC, Freeda is developing a new business and a new consultative perspective to support the brand in dialogue and build a significant position towards its channels for Gen Z and Millennials to build its know-how and gain experience.

Andrea Scotti Calderini, CEO & Co-Founder of Freeda Media, declares: "We are very motivated since the beginning of this journey with KFC which will see us as protagonists in the role of strategic partner to help the brand listen to and fully understand the new generations and their approach towards consumption, and to then translate this information into experiences and communication activities capable of involving and fully representing them. We believe that the shares values of our two organizations are the best starting point for building a relevant, authentic and highly successful business partnership.”

Today Freeda has a community made up of more than 8 million women, who interact with content every day on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok and LinkedIn. And in 2020 it generated over 995 million video views with an average monthly reach of 80 million people in Italy, Spain, South America and England, positioning itself in the first places among digital media companies internationally.

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About KFC

KFC, a company of the Yum! Brands Inc, boasts a history full of success and innovation. It all began over 75 years ago thanks to Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of the brand. It was he who invented the Original Recipe, the recipe that contains an inimitable secret mix of herbs and spices, still prepared today and typical of the brand. Every day in over 24,000 restaurants in more than 145 countries, KFC cooks prepare chicken on the spot, working it by hand and carefully following all the steps, from breading to cooking, to obtain a fragrant and irresistible product.

Yum! Brands Inc. also includes the Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and The Habit Burger Grill brands. With more than 50,000 restaurants in over 150 countries, Yum! Brands is one of the largest catering companies in the world.

KFC arrived in Italy in 2014 and today has 47 restaurants in 13 regions. www.kfc.it

About Freeda Media

Freeda is a media company - founded in September 2016 by Andrea Scotti Calderini and Gianluigi Casole - which aims to become the most relevant voice for the new generations globally. With a community of more than 8 million people interacting with its content every day, Freeda is built on the platforms where new generations spend most of their time online, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok, reaching every month more than 80 million people. Freeda's team is made up of more than 200 people in Milan, Madrid and London.

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