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Press Release


September 14, 2021

From helping students expand their community food pantry to providing funds that equip children with new wheelchairs, the Kentucky Fried Wishes program assists local organizations

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September 14, 2021 – LOUISVILLE, Ky. – To celebrate Colonel Sanders’ birthday on September 9, the KFC Foundation granted 11 local non-profit organizations a combined total of $110,000 in Kentucky Fried Wishes grants. The chosen organizations will each receive a $10,000 grant to make a project on their wish list come true.

Kentucky Fried Wishes is a community-based grant program funded by the KFC Foundation that empowers eligible* KFC restaurant employees to make a tangible impact on their local communities by nominating non-profit organizations doing meaningful work. Inspired by KFC’s famous 11 Herbs & Spices, a Kentucky Fried Wishes grant was given to 11 deserving non-profit organizations

“We were overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of Kentucky Fried Wishes nominations submitted by restaurant teams. Some team members volunteer with the non-profits and witness firsthand the impact these organizations make in their communities,” said Emma Horn, Managing Director of the KFC Foundation. “Our vision with this program was to encourage KFC restaurant employees to give back to the communities they serve and build lasting relationships with organizations they are passionate about.”

Paris Downtown Boxing Gym KFC team

This year’s grant recipients have been described as integral parts of their communities and span 11 different states. One organization, the Paris Downtown Boxing Gym, was nominated by Paris, Tenn. KFC restaurant employees for the positive impact the organization has had on the youth in their community, both in and out of the ring.

Paris Downtown Boxing Gym

The Paris Downtown Boxing Gym works closely with the juvenile court system, school counselors and the local counseling center to support youth experiencing home issues, aggression and bullying. The organization teaches these individuals to box free of charge, providing an outlet for their energy and stress and teaching many youth development skills. The Kentucky Fried Wishes grant will be used to rejuvenate the boxing gym and replenish worn-down gym equipment. The gym equipment, such as headgear and gloves, tend to wear out very quickly and need to be replaced annually.  

Additional organizations to receive the Kentucky Fried Wishes grant include:

The Kentucky Fried Wishes program is one of the five charitable programs that the KFC Foundation offers KFC restaurant employees across the United States: 

Operating independently from KFC Corporation and led by a board including KFC franchisees, the KFC Foundation receives the majority of its financial support from its annual donation program, a voluntary program where KFC franchisees elect to contribute a portion of their restaurant cole slaw sales to engage in and support the Foundation's initiatives.

*To be eligible for Kentucky Fried Wishes and any of the KFC Foundation's charitable assistance programs, employees must work at a KFC restaurant in the U.S. that is participating in the KFC Foundation's 2021 annual donation program.


About KFC Foundation
The KFC Foundation, an independent 501c3 organization, has provided over $23 million to more than 8,000 KFC U.S. restaurant employees and students through education, hardship assistance and personal finance programs. The KFC Foundation's charitable programs are made possible through the generosity of KFC's many franchisees, KFC Corporation, and other individual donors.

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Kasey Ryan


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