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August 26, 2020

August 26, 2020,Johannesburg,South Africa– KFC are all about creating meaningful experiences that are relevant and purpose-led which is evident in their latest campaign that sets out to assist young South African Hack-A-Preneurs who have kept their eye on the prize during this pandemic by turning their hustle into real opportunity.

On the hunt for South Africa’s ultimate innovators, the brand is giving away an amazing prize valued at R500 000 to three lucky entrepreneurs who have turned lifehacks into real business opportunities and are calling on all the young entrepreneurs to come forward!

“We recognise that access to markets and funds are the top two most challenging obstacles that young entrepreneurs face. Considering the current pandemic, which is severely impacting the ability to do business as usual, both challenges have become even greater. So, at this critical time, the difference this cash injection will make to the winners, especially considering this time, is substantial,” said Qhawekazi Mdikane, Marketing Manager at KFC.

“Young people are anxious about the road ahead and we have stepped up as a brand to support the future leaders of our country!”

Using the new Crunch Sliders on-the-go snack as a platform to drive this campaign, KFC is identifying up-and-coming innovators, hustlers and hard workers on social media with the goal to reward three Hack-A-Preneurs with a cash injection towards their business. The first prize will be R50 000, the runner up will get R30 000 and the second runner up will receive R20 000.

“Innovation is the lifeline for these individuals, it is the fuel that keeps them going and so rewarding them for this commitment to their success and for proactively seeking opportunities is a crucial pillar of this outreach,” continues Mdikane. “In fact, through this prize we are making sure that we not only give them the cash injection needed but are also empowering them with a business coach for three months, to ensure they have the perfect combination for success.”

The prize also includes mainstream media publicity and business profiling opportunities.

“No idea is too small or too big – it is about believing in yourself and being able to rise above the challenges and so we encourage young entrepreneurs, across all sectors and industries, to enter by submitting their business pitch for consideration,” concludes Mdikane.



  • KFC Hack-A-Preneur competition runs from August 31 to September 18. The top 10 candidates will be announced on September 21. Where the ultimate hack-a-preneurs will be announced on social media on the September 21.

  • To enter, young entrepreneurs should email their business pitch to

    or submit their entry here:


Competition Steps of entry:

  • Step 1- Hackapreneurs on-line submission of busines proposal

  • Step 2- Panel of judges select top 10 hackapreneurs.

  • Step 3- Top 10 Hackapreneurs do an elevator pitch of their business via video on social media. The public to vote for their the top 3 hackapreneurs.  

  • Step 4- The top 3 Hackapreneurs chosen to do another video pitch to the panel of judges. The panel of judges decide on the top-3 ultimate hackapreneur (1 stplace), runner up (2nd place) and 3rd place winner. 

For More Information:

Follow @KFCSA on social media to join the #HackApreneur #SnackHack conversation and join the evolution that fuels the undying spirit to hack this thing called life.

More About the Product:

The delicious bite-sized snack was launched on 14 July 2020 at a very crunchy price point of R29.90. Two flatbreads folded around a bed of crisp lettuce and a split crunch fillet, one served with Colonel dressing and the other with tangy dressing, making it the perfect snack for those who are constantly on the move.

Manifesto for Hack-A-Preneur

Those with the creative pulse that is the blood life of survival.

Those who respond to the beat of their drum.

“impossible”, “not-doable” and “cannot” isn’t part of their vocab…

They personify the term; #PushaPandaPlay.

Forget about the roads less travel… they only speak of new paths conquered and new routes discovered.

Innovation is the lifeline and agility is the fuel that keeps them going, that keeps them defining.

The hustle so pure — it’s ignited to life through work, passion and resourcefulness made visibly

They don’t seek handouts but an opportunity.

See — they define the term; a window of opportunity!

Armed with passion, vigour, drive and ambition so loud to execution.

Bursting at the seams with energy that spells out — on-the-go to make my dreams possible.

Chasing the only the freshest expression of self through their hustle…

But above all - they are the ones in search of all that fuel their engine as they keep their eyes firmly on the price.





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