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KFC Canada goes big on compostable packaging with giant iconic bucket

July 03, 2021

In collaboration with artist Briony Douglas, KFC Canada celebrates 2025 commitment

TORONTO, June 30, 2021 /CNW/ - KFC Canada took its iconic bucket to new heights today with a larger-than-life-size version made entirely from compostable materials. The installation, designed and built by Toronto-based artist, Briony Douglas, celebrates KFC Canada's recent milestone commitment: by 2025, all consumer-facing packaging will be fully home compostable.

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KFC Canada’s Compostable Commitment Installation by Briony Douglas (CNW Group/KFC Canada)

Earlier this month, KFC became the first Quick Service Restaurant to make this packaging commitment, marking a significant step in its ongoing sustainability journey. To celebrate the announcement, the brand commissioned Douglas, a visual artist known for her large sculptures, to bring this commitment to life.

"I am a huge fan of KFC and the work the brand is doing in its sustainability journey, so I was extremely excited to turn this commitment into a piece of art," said Douglas. "The final piece is an impressive 6 ft. tall by 8 ft. wide, with silk flowers growing out of the top. The flowers symbolize the power of regrowth from composting the packaging and the beauty and importance of this cycle to our planet."

As KFC will begin piloting its first home compostable bucket this year, the prototype buckets were the natural centerpiece and inspiration for the build. Douglas completed the installation over the course of 25 days – a nod to the 2025 commitment – using compostable materials, including flattened KFC compostable buckets, cardboard, newspaper, wood and flour.

"Our move to 100% home compostable consumer packaging is a huge step for KFC Canada: this bold commitment will divert nearly 200 million pieces of packaging from Canadian landfills each year," said Ira Dubinsky, Marketing Director, KFC Canada. "We wanted to mark this ambitious step with a strong visual that serves as testament to the work we're doing to drive meaningful change across the industry. We're thrilled with Briony's creation and the message it carries."

KFC Canada's Compostable Commitment Installation by Briony Douglas will live at KFC Canada Headquarters.

To learn more about KFC Canada's approach to environmental sustainability visit: www.kfc.ca/environment

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