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June 03, 2021

Diversity and inclusion is the focus of the new Kentucky Fried Chicken campaign, on air and online

MILAN, June 3, 2021 -- “Everyone has a place at my bucket,” said Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken more than 75 years ago. The brand has always been an aggregator of diversity, welcoming to anyone and everyone because in front of KFC fried chicken, any barrier falls and every difference is overcome.

From this concept was born the new KFC Chicken United campaign, online and on-air from June 3, which celebrates diversity and inclusion by promoting the acceptance, respect and appreciation of the differences and uniqueness of each individual. A campaign that focuses on, in addition to the famous KFC fried chicken, people in an atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome and equal, valuing the choices of every individual.

“Chicken is the dish that most of all unites the cuisines of the world, it does so by welcoming all diversity and originality. And we have always believed in the value of people and we want to have a concrete role in spreading an inclusive culture in society, becoming a point of reference on the issues of diversity & inclusion,” explains Paolo Toffano, Head of Marketing & Communication of KFC Italia. “This is grounded in a hallmark of our company, that we are open to everyone without distinction, from employees to customers. We are convinced that when you share something good, all barriers are dropped and we all become the same in that moment. At KFC, we want to make people equal in rights and opportunities despite any unique differences. The Chicken United campaign is a first step, with communication, to speak explicitly about diversity and inclusion. We appeal not only to those directly affected by these issues but also to anyone who follows us, because acceptance and inclusion are commitments that are relevant to all.”  

A group chat, a father-son automatic translator, a declaration of love or polyamory: this is how Colonel Sanders defines the bucket, the iconic container of KFC fried chicken, in the commercial. A recipe “that overcomes all differences. No matter if you're a woman, man, what color skin you have or who you love: in front of KFC chicken, we are all equal.” The message of the founder and front man of the brand is addressed to all people, and in particular to GenZ who, as you know, very sensitive to the issues of diversity & inclusion. In the creative, curated by Freeda Media, it is the kids who represent themselves in the different situations described by the commercial.

The campaign, in :30, :15 and :06 second formats, is designed to speak directly to younger generations, with fresh and fun language, following current social trends. The spot on YouTube is visible here.

The new Chicken United campaign will be on air from June 3 - 20, on KFC Italia's Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, in Programmatic Advertising, on Twitch and on connected TV.



Directed by: Danae Mauro

DOP: Piermaria Agostini

Art direction: Angelo Marino

Copywriter: Michele Bellini

Head of production Freeda: Linda Aliberto

Media planning: Simple Agency, dentsu

KFC, a company of the Yum! Brands Inc, is the world's leading company in the fried chicken restaurant sector and is a company with a history full of success and innovation. It all began thanks to Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of the brand. It was he who invented the Original Recipe, the recipe that contains an inimitable secret mix of herbs and spices, still prepared today and typical of the brand. Every day in over 24,000 restaurants in more than 145 countries, KFC cooks prepare chicken on the spot, working it by hand and carefully following all the steps, from breading to cooking, to obtain a fragrant and irresistible product. Yum! Brands Inc. also includes the Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and The Habit Burger Grill brands. With more than 50,000 restaurants in over 150 countries, Yum! Brands is one of the largest catering companies in the world. KFC arrived in Italy in 2014 and has 47 restaurants in 13 regions. www.kfc.it

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