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Press Release


February 04, 2020

New Alexa skill allows KFC Canada fans to chat with Colonel Sanders and re-order chicken 

Vaughan, Ontario, February 4, 2020- Today, KFC Canada announced their latest digital innovation, a voice-activated skill available through any Alexa-enabled Amazon device that allows KFC lovers from coast-to-coast to chat all things chicken with Colonel Sanders himself, including re-ordering their favorite KFC.


KFC worked with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to use Amazon Polly, an artificial intelligence service that turns text into lifelike speech using advanced deep learning technologies to re-create the iconic voice of KFC's Founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. KFC is the first global quick service restaurant (QSR) to use this sophisticated text-to-speech technology from AWS to provide fans with a truly unique ordering experience. So, whether fans are looking to feast on a 12-piece bucket with friends and family, or dine solo for one, just ask and the Colonel will deliver.

"We are excited to be one of the first brands to adopt the Amazon Polly enhanced text-to-speech voice technology to create a seamless and distinctively KFC re-ordering experience for our fans," said Jason Cassidy, Marketing Director, KFC Canada. "The Colonel was passionate about his fried chicken and this new skill makes re-ordering your favorite KFC menu items easier than ever but in a fun and memorable way."

KFC's new skill comes on the heels of KFC Canada's "Chicken Talk" skill launched in 2017, which saw Alexa feed fans chicken jokes, poultry pick-up lines, random chicken thoughts, and even a Colonel Quiz game. Now, the Colonel will serve fans the same Chicken Talk in addition to the new re-ordering capabilities, all through KFC's new skill.

"We're pleased to have worked with KFC Canada to cook up this unique experience for their customers to interact with Alexa-enabled devices through the voice of Colonel Sanders," said Dr. Matt Wood, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, AWS. "We extended Amazon Polly, an artificial intelligence cloud service which creates life-like speech, to incorporate a spicy Southern accent and speech patterns that are consistent with the world famous persona of Colonel Sanders. We think KFC customers will agree, the Colonel never sounded so finger lickin' good."

How to access KFC's new skill:

  • In the Alexa skills store or the Alexa app, search for "KFC" and enable skill

  • To re-order your latest KFC order with the Colonel, say "Alexa, ask KFC Canada to reorder"

  • Once the skill is enabled, you can test your chicken knowledge and play chicken games with the Colonel by saying "Alexa, talk chicken to me."

To learn more about KFC's new skill, visit https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B084DJL3K2

About KFC Canada

Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952, KFC is now the world's most popular chain of chicken restaurants. To this day the Colonel's own blend of 11 herbs and spices is still used to season our Original Recipe® chicken and it still remains a very closely guarded secret. KFC's specialty is our famous Original Recipe® chicken, but we also feature a variety of freshly prepared sandwiches and wraps, on the go snack items, home-style sides, desserts and beverages.

Today KFC Corporation is a subsidiary of YUM! Brands Inc. and operates more than 23,000 restaurants in more than 140 countries and territories around the world including more than 600 locations right here in Canada. To learn more about KFC Canada, visit our website www.kfc.ca


For further information: Media Contact: Jackie Warren, Edelman Canada, Jackie.warren@edelman.com, 416-850-0383

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© 2020 Yum! Ltd. All rights reserved. The KFC name, logos and similar signs are registered trademarks of Yum! Ltd.